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Join The Cadets for a Tuba Christmas!

We're calling all of our tuba vets to join us for a very special Tuba Christmas with The Cadets and Cadets2! Come do some volunteering, share stories, meet the members of the 2017 corps and play some Christmas tunes, even if it's been a while!

We know not everyone lives right around the corner, but we'd like to invite you to spend the weekend with us! Come support the corps and check out rehearsals on Friday night and Saturday, and then sit down Sunday morning with the tuba sections of the corps to read through some Christmas tunes. You'll have the opportunity to perform with the next generation of Cadets at the show and tell portion of Sunday's rehearsal! 

The Cadets - Dec. 9-11 - Hopewell Valley Central High School, Pennington, NJ
The Cadets2 - Dec. 17-18 - Daniel Boone High School, Birdsboro, PAå

Please email Mike Pfeil () to join us for this special event and let us know how much of the weekend you'd like to spend with the corps. 

Cadets2 Seeks Another Drum Major, Tuba Players

We're looking for one more addition to the Cadets2 Drum Majors in 2017

We're holding open auditions for the third Cadets2 Drum Major position at our next camp on December 17-18 at Daniel Boone High School. We've had a lot of great auditionees, but we want to have another weekend of auditions so that we can see everyone who is interested in joining the team! Register today to audition for this great opportunity! Click here to get started. 

We're also looking for more tuba players for the upcoming season! Be sure to register for our next audition weekend to be a part of our special Tuba Christmas! 

Tuba Christmas With The Cadets!

Tuba Christmas with The Cadets! 


The Cadets & Cadets2 are looking for more tuba players and we want to see you at our December camp! The Cadets are marching 12 and Cadets2 are marching 10, meaning we need 22 tuba players! With only 10 Cadets tubas in 2016 and six aging out a shortage has arrived. 


We want you to audition at The Cadets or Cadets2 December audition camp! 


Each corps will have a special Tuba Christmas as a part of their audition weekend. The Sunday ensemble will not only feature the tubas, but also our alumni and staff tuba players will be there to cheer you on and perform!



Don't forget that if you've already auditioned for another corps and it wasn't the right fit, you can make it right at The Cadets with half off your registration.



Video Deadline Extended to Dec. 25

We've loved everyone's video submissions, and we don't want to stop seeing them! So as a holiday present from The Cadets, we're extending the deadline to December 25th. Send us your video and you could earn yourself an invitation to camp! It's not too late to become a Cadet!

Get started here.

2017 Cadets/Cadets2 Drum Majors

Andrew2017 Cadets/Cadets2 Drum Majors

We would like to thank all who came out to our first camp to audition, and we would like to give special thanks to Chris Castille, who supported and managed the Drum Major weekend. This was by far our best session offered in leadership and we thank Chris for his hours of work and preparation. 

The Cadets Drum Majors for 2017 will be:

Claire Albrecht - Returning Drum Major
Dalton Gyorda - Past member of the Tour Administration 
Stephen McMullan - Student from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Of note, there will be a more even distribution of responsibilities in 2017 as we work to balance the load placed upon leadership. 

For Cadets2, the Drum Majors will be:

Daniel Fullman - Returning Drum Major
Andrew Morrison - Returning Drum Major

As for the third position, after some long discussions, it has been decided that there will be an open audition on December 17-18 at The Cadets2 camp. We did have some great people, but it was requested that we have an additional weekend so that we can have a better look at all of the candidates. Therefore, auditions for the third Drum Major position with Cadets2 will be December 17-18 at Daniel Boone High School.

I want to congratulate all of the candidates and the Drum Majors for this season. It was a great weekend. I especially want to acknowledge Daniel Fullman for understanding my logic and request, and for returning to Cadets2 for an additional year. Thank you Daniel for your selflessness.

I look forward to a great season for both drum corps. Great leadership is a tremendous asset to a team and with the folks we have assembled for both corps, I anticipate a fabulous 2017 for all.

For more information on The Cadets or Cadets2 go to

- George Hopkins


Make It Right

Audition wasn't a good match?
Don't worry, The Cadets are here for you.

Sometimes when you audition for another corps it's just not the best fit, and we're here to make it right. That's why we're offering half priced registration for our December cmap with the proof of attendance from another corps' camp.

Do More. Be More. Join The Cadets.

Cadets Camp - Dec. 9-11
Cadets2 Camp - Dec. 16-18

Register for camp at

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