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Cadets2 Staff

Select a staff member's name to read about their role with Cadets2, drum corps history and occupation.


Tom Maiello: Director



Drew Shanefield: Brass Designer
Jon Bilby: Drill Designer
David Dumont: Percussion Designer
Andrew Monteiro: Front Ensemble Designer




Mike Tanzos: Caption Head
Michael Pettis: Instructor
Nick Franck: Instructor
Ray Henricksen: Instructor
David Bonilla-Garcia: Instructor


David Dumont: Caption Head
Joe Ciancimino: Co-Caption Head
Dan Richardson: Instructor
Andy Warntz: Instructor
Sean Moran: Instructor

Jimmy Toohey: Instructor


Front Ensemble

Andrew Monteiro: Caption Head
Matt Wyckoff: Front Ensemble Coordinator
Angela Bongiovanni: Instructor
Kyle McKay: Instructor
Jesse Valencia: Instructor



Corey Moore: Caption Head
Jeff Balo: Instructor
Devon Lundine: Instructor
Stephen Patterson: Instructor
Tony Rideout: Instructor
Joe Sassano: Instructor

Reagan Miller: Instructor
Tyler Propfe: Instructor
Evan Tropp: Instructor


Color Guard

Casey McCoy: Instructor
Josh Baugher: Instructor
Andrea Schwartz: Instructor
Paige Biller: Instructor
Yvette Gonzalez-Loya: Instructor
Victor Genin: Instructor
James Gabonay: Instructor



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