USBands 2019 Membership



Use this calculator to learn about USBands Membership Pricing. When you’re ready to sign up, click below to choose your membership type.

With USBands' new Band First pricing levels, the control is fully in the hands of the music educator to select the level of engagement and service needed for their individual program.

Three levels of Membership are now available and provide cost-effective and affordable educational opportunities for school music programs of all sizes and budgets.

Participation in Events in Texas, South Dakota, Idaho and Tennessee are not included in Membership Levels. Call the USBands office for specific details and benefits about Membership in your state.

Select Membership Type

Membership Types

  • Value
  • For the up and coming band that participates in a few local events while building their program. This affordable alternative allows bands to select from the full array of 80 local competitions in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions.

  •  Customer Support
  •  Unlimited Local Events
  •  Votes in Policy Changes
  • Basic
  • Created to serve the marching band that competes annually in several local contests and caps off their season with a State or National Championship performance with added incentives making your membership more valuable to your program and your students.

  •  Customer Support
  •  Unlimited Local Events
  •  Votes in Policy Changes
  •  Chaperone Passes NEW
  •  Discount Concert Registration
  •  Discount Indoor Registration
  •  Discount on Music Is Cool Clinics
  •  Drum Corps Tickets (2 Free Director Tickets)
  •  First Access to Used instruments + Discounts
  •  Complimentary Director Ultimate Drill Book License



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